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Customer Testimonials

When you come to us for home inspection services, you can always count on the fact that we will thoroughly and properly inspect the property from the ground up. 

  1. They were fabulous. Both Jeff and the other guy did the best job ever. Jeff was very honest about the whole process with us. Our basement and crawl space had mold. When they were done the wood looks brand new. The air is so crisp and clean. They are the ones to call for mold removal. Thank you guys so much. My husband hasn’t been sick 1 day since you cleaned our home from mold.
    Janet Mabley
  2. I am in the process of purchasing a brand new home. Called Jeff at A1 quality and asked him to come in and inspect my new house. I figured that nothing could be wrong with the house because it was just finished being built. I wanted someone with knowledge about houses that I didn't. the builders were not happy to see what all Jeff found because they promised me that he could find nothing wrong and if he did it would be so small, and a "waste of my money". Jeff was able to find roofing issues, concrete issues, and structural support issues. And I was so glad that I called Jeff. He will tell you how it is in a down to earth and professional manner. I would highly recommend him to any one wether it is a used home or brand new. Jeff was early, professional, and knew what he was doing and explained things in a way that everyone could understand. You don't fine many people that does work like him anymore these days.
    Dakota Montgomery
  3. Once you become a client once, you are a client for life. Jeff was the most down to earth person to work with and put things into terms that were easy to digest, the price was reasonable, the work was fast and the dedication to the job was unmatched. I would wholly recommend this company to anyone who needs it.
    Matthew Walters
  4. I recently bought a house with some mold in the kitchen. They performed a test to determine what kind of mold there was, and explained how to treat it. They were very quick with the mold remediation and happy to answer all questions that I had. Highly recommend.
    Sarah Flint
  5. A1 Quality did a thorough job, they were timely, they cleaned up when the work was finished, and they ensured all my concerns were addressed.
    Boss Paws
  6. We contacted A1 Quality for an inspection, and they scheduled an appointment for the following morning. Our home was thoroughly checked, and it was discovered that a skylight had a small crack that was allowing water to keep the ceiling damp. Additionally, an unpleasant odor was coming through our vents; it was discovered that the crawl space was completely covered in mold due to a broken water pipe the previous owner had installed, and had been slowly leaking. Not only was mold growing everywhere, but two beams had significant damage from rot, and needed replacing. Jeff took pictures of everything he found and explained the process of mold removal. He gave us a written estimate the following day, and advice on how to address the damage to the floor beams. The crew put in a lot of effort and time, removing the mold by scrubbing by hand every inch of the crawl space using the appropriate mold remover, while wearing hazmat suits. They put down a new barrier to protect the crawl space when done. It looked brand new! The owner (Jeff) left his equipment with us, in order to thoroughly remove any and all residual spores or airborne particles in our house after the job was complete. I had compared estimates for mold removal prior to hiring A1 Quality, and found the costs very comparable; however, I am certain we could not have found better service or a more honest business. I HIGHLY recommend this business and it’s owner, Jeff Branham.
    Rebecca Keller
  7. Jeff did a very thorough job of inspecting a home I was in the process of buying. I highly recommend him for his honesty and attention to every small and big detail in checking the house. He saved me lots of money!!!
    Jamie Harness
  8. Jeff came out and did my home inspection. I felt he told me everything there was to know and I felt he was thorough and honest with me. He found some mold in the basement also and suggested it be taken care of which we did. I used his service to remove the mold in the basement as well. He has removed all the mold in the basement and it smells so much better now and I feel it is a much healthier environment. He even went above and beyond to help me out with some things because of my lack of time. I highly recommend and I will be a customer for life. I feel I could reach out and ask him anything later if needed also.
    Sarah Carter
  9. Jeff did a very thorough and detailed inspection. He was friendly, his price was fair and he went over everything with us in detail. We recommend him very highly .
    Sara Smith
  10. Very pleased with my home inspection. Jeff was friendly and professional. He welcomed questions and suggestions as we went through the older home I am hoping to purchase. He was quick to respond to texts to set up inspection. We received the report within a couple hours of the inspection. Very pleased and highly suggest.
    Kendall Ratchford
  11. Very professional and took the time to explain everything to me. Being a single women you always have to be cautious of being taken advantage of. Jeff explained everything and made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I Would recommend to anyone! Great experience and very pleased with the work.
    Rachel Selby
  12. Great company to hire. He was honest, had fair pricing, took the time to go over his report, very nice and pleasant to talk with. I would recommend this company to anyone.
    Judy Parrigin
  13. As a first time home buyer Jeff has done a wonderful job making sure that I pick the right home. He explains everything completely and definitely knows what he is talking about. I won't ever trust anyone else with home inspections! So so thankful for Jeff!!! :)
    Michaela Lacoursiere
  14. I can't say enough good things about Jeff and A1Quality Home Inspection! We were at our wit's end! My wife was sick. Then my eight-month-old son got sick. His pediatrician said all signs pointed to some type of indoor allergen. We had both the carpet and the air ducts cleaned. Yet neither of them got any better. And our landlord was adamant that the crawl space was in perfect condition. A friend encouraged us to contact a professional home inspector for a second opinion. We called A1 Quality Home Inspection and explained our circumstances to Jeff. Less than twenty-four hours later, Jeff was at our house performing a thorough inspection of the entire property. He explained not only what he was doing, but why he was doing it. So we were well informed throughout the entire process: inspection/sampling/assessment and then the official results from the microbiology lab, which arrived two days later. The lab report confirmed Jeff's initial assessment: (1) there was indeed toxic mold in the crawlspace due to faulty plumbing, (2) there was also mold in the insulated flexible duct work, and (3) the HVAC system was pumping air contaminated with toxic mold from the crawl space throughout the entire house. We also called A1 Quality Home Inspection two-weeks later for Jeff to inspect a rental property for us before we signed a lease. With the first inspection, Jeff helped us to identify the cause of an unhealthy environment. With the second inspection, Jeff helped us to avoid another unhealthy environment. As I said at the beginning, I can't say enough good things about the overall level of service we received from A1 Quality Home Inspection. Without a doubt, Jeff proved himself to be diligent, trustworthy, and very, very good at his profession. I highly recommend A1 Quality Home Inspection to anyone in the market for a home inspection for any reason! Thank you, Jeff!
    brian parks
  15. If anyone is looking for a home inspector...this is definitely your guy. He was very polite and professional, any time we asked him a question, he took the time out to explain everything in great detail. Thank you for looking out for our best interest...we can't thank you enough!!!
    Tammy Holt
  16. Jeff did A1 and good quality work. He is also very thorough. Me and my husband appreciate the work he did for us. I will recommend him to anyone.
    h20 T